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Though we work with many types of businesses of different sizes, here are the niches that have been with us from the beginning.

Staffing &  Recruiting

Your margins are shrinking and the competition is driving the industry to commoditization. You need branding that shows your firm's value proposition to multiple audiences - hiring authorities and job seekers.  Our programs have been developed by top ranking marketing and sales individuals that have worked in the staffing industry and understand the marketplace. You can use our expertise for single projects like creating a focused sell sheet or outsource your entire marketing program to us.

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Extension Programs & Centers (MEP/MEC)

As a state resource for all things manufacturing, extension programs across the country continue to have a significant impact on job creation & retention, process improvement, training, amongst many other things. With the time necessary to work with state manufacturers while fulfilling all government regulations, we understand how many other things come before marketing. Our knowledge of MEP working environments is the reason we've created programs to help compliment the nature of your work.

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