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search engine marketing agencies near 07702Strategy

For customers seeking a quick and effective Internet presence, SEM, Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the solution for you. Using paid search, GRM can target current and future customers who are searching the web.

Before any project begins, strategy is developed with Objectives, KPI’s and Tactics, unique to your business. GRM works with clients to determine the best Paid Search campaigns according to your unique budget and industry. GRM will analyze as much available information as possible, including your competitors’ PPC spending. In order to be competitive in SEM, it’s important to conduct research ahead of time and develop a unique strategy.

Implementation of Campaigns

We work with you to develop an evergreen paid media strategy. GRM assists in choosing the right paid search channels for your business goals. There are several SEM options available, including Adwords, retargeting or remarketing, and topic targeting. Once a strategy is defined, we will create and execute paid search campaigns.

Some of the paid search campaigns that GRM can help you with include:

  • Google Adwords and Paid Search Advertising
  • Search Retargeting
  • Site Remarketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

GRM is a Google Partner, certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Landing Pages

GRM will assist with a landing page analysis so that you can make sure that your Paid Search campaigns are driving to a website page that is engaging. If no landing page exists that will encourage a user to take action, we will help conceptualize and create that content. Your SEM campaign is what brings someone to your website, but without the proper landing page, it will fail to convert leads.


SEM without Analytics is like a candle with no match. You absolutely need analytics to track the success or problems with an SEM campaign. GRM uses Google Analytics and HubSpot tools to monitor search analytics and report results at regular intervals throughout campaigns.


By reviewing the analytics on SEM campaigns, we are able to revisit the original strategy and check the pulse of it. Your original strategy is revisited on a regular basis to edit, improve and guarantee that our objectives are being accomplished.

Grass Roots Marketing is a Shrewsbury, New Jersey, based SEM and Digital Marketing Agency. Ready to start seeing traffic to your site ASAP? Click the button in the sidebar to contact GRM today for a free consultation and custom proposal.

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