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A small business owner named Frank sat down with his Senior Vice President, Koleen, for a meeting. The topic: sales and marketing. Frank had owned a handful of small franchises around the country and there was a growing sense of frustration about how to enhance brand awareness and increase sales on a small business budget.

Reviewing their expenses, they noted how the ROI on their “tried and true” marketing efforts was suffering. Prior to launching his own business, Frank was a sales and marketing professional for a large corporation for more than 25 years. Koleen was in sales for more than two decades and had won countless sales awards and distinctions. Their go-to methods such as cold calling, telemarketing, expensive advertisements, quick e-blasts with offers and canvassing for business had always generated leads for them in the past.

So what changed?

Frank and Koleen recognized that the entire sales landscape was different. Buyers were sick of getting bombarded with sales pitches and were becoming more insulated through spam filters, caller I.D. and gate keepers. Targets were now using technology, the Internet and Google searches to look up solutions and vendors on their own terms. Research and data backed everything up; they learned that more than 70 percent of the sales process had moved online.

Understanding the value of marketing, they looked for a practical way to increase their online efforts and discovered the concept of inbound marketing. The more they learned about inbound techniques, the more it “clicked” for them. A comprehensive online strategy supported by numerous marketing tools would help them get found by interested prospects, nurture leads along the sales cycle and drive new sales. However, it was difficult to find a company that embraced the concepts of inbound marketing or provided cost-effective services.

Instead, Frank launched his own company and Grass Roots Marketing, Inc. (GRM) was born.

Today, GRM is a successful inbound marketing company based in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. The company’s objective is simple: enhance brand awareness and increase sales for its clients. GRM’s members all come from different locations and educational backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to his or her approach. From local “mom and pop” shops to national organizations, GRM has a wide-range of clients and customized programs that drive results.

Don’t remain frustrated with the sales game. It’s time to take a new approach to marketing.